What is Hidden Mecca?

First things first...Blogging will now be a thing here.


I've definitely avoided this for a while. There’s the thought that blogging is dead. It’s time consuming and you always have to have something to say.

But if it’s one thing the pandemic has taught me is that predictability is a myth…..do whatever you want…reasonably.

So we’re creating more long form content and getting more personal. We’ll call it articles for now….because we have time, a platform and some things to say.

So with that said, let’s get this next thing out of the way...

What is Hidden Mecca?

I have so many different answers to this question

This business started as a passion project- a way to express, explore and share and a way to build something for me and my family. I left the 9-5 world and was rediscovering my creativity and learning the message of duality.

I read The Alchemist and the journey to Mecca resonated with my soul. The name Hidden Mecca came to me because I learnt that we’re already gifted with everything we ever need or want to be. It’s just that over time as we ‘grow up’ it becomes hidden, but it’s always available to us.

That is Hidden Mecca- a lifestyle journey of self-discovery and expression 🧡

I hope to share my journey here with you and make space for you to share yours as well.

Peace & Love