About Us

The not so General Store

Hidden Mecca is more than a General Store. It’s a brand that embodies an oasis or hidden treasure. The treasure is not a place or an end goal but more of a personal journey. The journey is magical, meaningful, and available to anyone who is willing.

A huge part of that journey is creating an environment that you find inviting.

With our collections, we hope to inspire your home and lifestyle and evoke holistic wellness, expression, and creativity into your environment

Not in a ‘consumerism buy as much as you can to feel fulfilled’ way. But in a thoughtful, ‘this piece would bring joy to my space or enhance my journey’ way.

If something you see here inspires you or someone you love, evokes joy or expression then thank you.

If after that feeling you’d like for that piece to be a part of that journey, then thank you.

If not, still, thank you.


Gratitude Always

Hidden Mecca